Saturday 28 April 2012

move of the ea-Geier wiki started

Moving the ea-Geier wiki seems to be a little more difficult due to the age of the old server and the limitations the provider imposed superfluously.
rsync did not work out, the code had to be moved by scp, which copied the complete file for each symbolic link. So all original symbolic links had to be set manually...
A database dump was only possible in an aged MySQL 4.x dialect. Thus all TYPE=... references in the table definitions had to be changed to ENGINE=..., and timestamp(14) had to be adjusted as well.
... finally the transfered code did not run. Due to the limitations mentioned above, we had to use a quite old version of MediaWiki 1.6.10 which was patched only with security updates. Unfortunately this version used Namespace as class, which php5.3.x does not like that much.
However, upgrade to the current version 1.18.3 for the wiki itself was nearly smooth.
The way templates work changed a bit which needed upgrades to the ea-Geier skin.
But all extensions we used stopped working for the new version, none of them are supported any more.

... currently we are working on fixing that ...

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