Tuesday 1 May 2012

ea-Geier demo move

Setting up the the demo for the ea-Geier, we followed our own instructions from the documentation.
It seems the installed php version of the new server does not like the bundled version of the third-party library ADOdb 4.95a. It actually runs but throws some warnings that his library uses depreciated functions. To prevent that, we could switch of the warnings, but we choose to just download and setup the new version of ADOdb 5.16 like described in the documentation.
It seems they added a new switch for bulk binding in 5.1 thus this has to be enabled in /code/base/db.class.php.
The same issue arises with the Swift library. Using the version optimized for php5 instead of php4 and changing the appropriate lines in /code/base/mail.class.php removes the warnings - however functionality would be unaltered even without those changes. 
And simpletest has changed, too. Now in version 1.1.0 (previously we had 1.0.1beta) addTestFile has been replaced by addFile, and due to the complete change to php5 without backwards compatibility to php4 constructors are handled differently.

The ea-Geier demo currently (formerly) reachable via http://www.ea-geier.at/ea-demo/ has been moved successfully to http://demo.ea-geier.at/. The old link will be forwarded to the new one.

We will update the necessary changes in the code base shortly ...

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